Q. Why was the memorial built?

A.  Because North Carolina had no Korean War Veterans Memorial to honor the 788 North Carolinians killed or missing in action during the Korean War (1950 – 1953). It also honors all Korean War veterans who have served in the defense of South Korea’s freedoms.

North Carolina Korea War Memorial
1st CAV Div makes land.

Q. Who  built the Memorial?

A. Chapter 265 of the N. C. Korean War Veteran’s Association which is headquartered in Indian Trail, NC and whose membership includes Korean War and Korean service veterans as well as friends and families of those who served and continue to serve in Korea.

Q. Who is paying for the Memorial?

A. The funding  comes from several sources including the sales of memorial and honor pavers, local businesses, the Town of Mint Hill, Korean churches and Korean Business Associations,  and the government of South Korea. No funding has been received from the US Federal or State government .

Q. How much money was needed to build the memorial?

A. The cost as of February 2014 was  approximately $700,000 in cash donations and approximately $200,000 in pro bono labor and materials.

Q. Are addition funds needed?

A. Although ownership has been given to the Town of Mint Hill who is now responsible for maintenance and up-keep expense, Chapter 265  NC Korean War Veterans Association is obligated to repay two personal, no interest loans to two chapter members, totaling $140,000.  Future sales of pavers trees and memorial contributions will remain tax-free to the extent of the law and deeply appreciated.

Q. Are donations and contributions tax deductible?

A, Yes, we are a 501 ( c ) 19 non-profit organization, our EIN number is 36-4502788

Q. Who is the architect?

A. Mr. Kent Goolsby, a Vietnam Veteran, he was awarded the Silver Star. He has designed other war memorials in other states.

Q. Where is the memorial located?

A. In Mint Hill, NC at  the Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park located at the intersection of NC Highway 218 and Interstate 485. It is easily accessible to visitors from North and South Carolina and other states.

Q. Is  there be a charge to visit the Memorial?

A. Absolutely not. The Town of Mint Hill  maintains the memorial which is open all year to all visitors at no charge.

Q. What  does the monument look like?

A. The main part of the memorial is encircled with a 188 foot double wall planter with dwarf hollies. In the center is an eternal fountain in the shape of the Korean Taeguek which is a part of the South Korean flag. Four eleven foot granite pillars  surround the fountain and include the names of the 788 North Carolinians who made the supreme sacrifice for the freedom of South Korea and the United States. Granite benches face each of the four pillars. Two life-sized statues of American soldiers are a part of the monument. The memorial is surrounded by  small flowering Japanese Cherry trees.

Q. Where are the pavers be placed?

A. The honor and memory pavers are being laid in concrete in all walking areas of the memorial.

Q. Can a Non-Korean War veteran purchase an honor or memory paver?

A. Absolutely. Anyone who wishes to support this project will be able to purchase pavers and live flowering tree with marker.

Q. Can other veterans be honored or just those who served in Korea?

A. Any veteran, or the memory of any veteran of the United States Military from George Washington’s Army to the present will be honored. This includes veterans of all nations that fought Communist aggression throughout the world.

Q. Where can I receive additional information on the worthwhile project?

A. You may contact Chapter 265 of the Korean War Veterans Association at the following address

NC Korean War Veterans Association 7036 Thorncliff dr  Charlotte NC 28210-6509      www.koreanwarmemorialnc.com

or contact the following Memorial Committeemen

Don G Putnam  USAF KW VET and Commander of Chapter 265

704 496 4709


Q. When was the memorial  completed?

A. Construction and dedication was  November 9,  2013 and during the ceremony ownership was turned over to the Town of Mint Hill NC ‘

Q. Can Business and Corporations purchase pavers?

A. Absolutely, we recommend the 24x24x4 paver honoring employees who served their country with pride. We welcome all civic, church groups and other benevolent orders to include their logo at an additional cost.

Q. When did  Korean War take place?

A. The Korean War began June 25, 1950 and ended in an Armistice July 27, 1953. No peace agreement has ever been signed. 1,239 American soldiers stationed along the (DMZ) demilitarized zone have given their lives in the line of duty from July 1954 to now.

The Forgotten war/ in three years

  • 54,246 U.S. Dead
  • 36,651 U.S. Killed in Action
  • 103,000 U.S. Wounded
  • 8,179 U.S. Missing in Action
  • 7,134 U.S. Prisoners of War: only 3,450 returned
  • 51% died in prison camps. U.S. POW Unaccounted for 389.
  • KIA/MIA from North Carolina 788
  • 22 different Nations united into one powerful army to halt Communist aggression.
  • The first United Nations Army was the Korean War.
  • The first jet aircraft war