Thanks to the Mint Hill Parks Maint Staff

09 July 2014 ~ Today I visited the Memorial and found the light that was broken has been repaired. The dead boxwood plants in the planter circle have been replaced. Also, new irrigation piping has been installed.  Fresh mulch has been put out and the entire area weeded.  It is apparent the Park Maintenance staff are doing a good job and we appreciate it.

Protect the Memorial

25 June  2014

Vandalism, graffiti also destruction of a light fixture at one of the 14 foot tall pylons (with the names of the KIA/MIA’s) has been reported.  It is evident some people have no respect for the Memorial. We have asked people taking pictures of children standing on-top the fountain, or sitting on the base of the uniformed statues to PLEASE REFRAIN FROM DOING SO.  We have had to clean left over lunch debris (French fries, BB`Q, hamburger wrappers, etc.  from the entire site. Skate-board and soccer ball kickers continue to use the memorial as a playground.

If you see any of the above, Please call the Mint Hill Police Dept.   (704) 545-1085

In Memory of Ed Culpepper

03 Apr 2014 ~~ Friendships do not end!

Ladies and Gentleman

One of your recent members was Ed Culpepper, who was the best aircrew engineer I had when flying C-119’s in the Far East during the Korean War.  His widow, Joyce Culpepper mailed me some of Ed’s memorabilia along with a copy of  the book “Korea Reborn”, and copies of your newsletters with information about your war memorial park in Mint Hill, NC

I would like to make the enclosed donation to the park in remembrance of Ed Culpepper. I know there is a big debt owed on the park and hope many more individuals will help you reach your goal 


Bob Huettmann.

Pebble beach, Ca 93953


Note:  a Thank You was mailed to Mr. Huettmann; if you would like to join in expressing your thanks to this gentleman for his service to our nation , and for his donation,  I will provide you with his address.







8″x16″ Memorial Pavers now available!

27 Mar. 2014; we are pleased to announce we have found a way to one again make available

the 8”x16” Memorial Pavers to be engraved on the Walk-Way of Honor.

 The following are engraving limits and prices that are subject to change without notice.

 1)  8”x16” Granit paver ($200.00) Two Hundred Dollars.

     Allow (4) four lines, with (15) fifteen, characters per line

     No Logos

 2) 12”x24” Granit paver ($500.00) Five Hundred dollars.

     Allow (6) six lines, with (20) twenty characters per line.

     Logos: to be determined. Minimum ($50.00) fifty dollars per logo.

 3)  24”x24” Granite Paver ($1,000.00) One Thousand Dollars.

      Number of lines, verbiage, logo availability to be determined.

 4) Live Flowering Japanese Cherry Trees with marker. ($1,000.00) One Thousand Dollars.

     The marker is an 8”x8” Granite, placed under the tree and shows the name of the contributors.

 Note: in order to take advantage of the above pricing, we need to order the engraving of an entire slab;   

           Example;  a slab would hold (36) Thirty –Six -8’x16” pavers.

    We need to sell 36 _  8×16 pavers (or as 2 and 3 above requires) before any engraving can be done;  there could be a 60 to 90 day waiting period. Be certain the person’s purchasing one are aware of this.

Thank you for your continued support”


Free Memorial Paver for your organization

 24 March 2014 ~ VFW ~ American Legion ~ DAV Post’s~ Churches and Schools, Etc.

Does your organization have a Memorial Paver on the Walk Way of Honor at the North Carolina Korean War Veterans Memorial in Mint Hill NC?  If not, we have a special way for your group to remember and honor all those members who have served, or are now serving our Nation,

If (4) four of your members will each purchase a 8×16 inch granite Memorial paver (for themselves, or a loved one) at $200.00 ea.  We will engrave (1) one, 8×16 paver free, with your groups name and Location honoring those who served our Nation through-out the ages. 

Simply, click on above “Purchase A Paver”. Print five copies of the order form, have the members complete them, complete one for your group, and forward to NC KWVA 

Payment via Pay pal or by check to NC KWVA for $800.00) mail to 7036 Thorncliff Dr. Charlotte NC 28210, 

Questions?  Please click on contacts above/ we will respond asap 

Note< this is a limited time offer and may be withdrawn at any time!



Memorial Pavers News

Important advance notice! 2/1/2014

Memorial pavers: with construction of the memorial finished and our contract with Lexington Blue Granite Co. of Elberton GA. complete; we are interviewing local companies to do the engraving of additional pavers on the Walk Way of Honor. This work is usually done by cemetery monument suppliers and is very expensive. Example: for the first (9) nine characters $125.00 and $3.00 each character after.. to engrave “thank you” is nine characters! This of course, is unacceptable. Proceeds from paver sales goes toward repaying the $140.000. no interest loans that two chapter members provided. pavers needed