Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC)

11 Mar. 2014 `~  Thanks to:

 Mr. Tom Phillip, D. Min., D.D.  Vice President:

 Mr. Wayne Atcheson, Ministry / Historian: 

  From the Billy Graham Library. 

While visiting the Billy Graham library, 16 South Korean students of journalism studying English in the United States were invited to visit the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Mint Hill N.C.   

It was a pleasure for Billy Reid, Young Chang Ha and I to co-host their visit, tell our versions of the war, and answer the many questions these young people were so eager to ask. In a few months  they will return to South Korea and begin a career in broadcasting with the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) which is an international radio network that airs Christian programs in 149 languages. Broadcasts are aired from shortwave, medium wave (AM), and FM transmitters located throughout the world.

Although many listeners live in very remote locations, FEBC receives more than 850,000 listener responses in the form of visits to the station, letters, text messages, phone calls and emails. 

Undoubtedly, some day in the future, while preaching the word of the Lord,  they will recall their visit to Charlotte N.C. and tell the world the history of the Korean War, and how we remember and honor those at our memorial.