8″x16″ Memorial Pavers now available!

27 Mar. 2014; we are pleased to announce we have found a way to one again make available

the 8”x16” Memorial Pavers to be engraved on the Walk-Way of Honor.

 The following are engraving limits and prices that are subject to change without notice.

 1)  8”x16” Granit paver ($200.00) Two Hundred Dollars.

     Allow (4) four lines, with (15) fifteen, characters per line

     No Logos

 2) 12”x24” Granit paver ($500.00) Five Hundred dollars.

     Allow (6) six lines, with (20) twenty characters per line.

     Logos: to be determined. Minimum ($50.00) fifty dollars per logo.

 3)  24”x24” Granite Paver ($1,000.00) One Thousand Dollars.

      Number of lines, verbiage, logo availability to be determined.

 4) Live Flowering Japanese Cherry Trees with marker. ($1,000.00) One Thousand Dollars.

     The marker is an 8”x8” Granite, placed under the tree and shows the name of the contributors.

 Note: in order to take advantage of the above pricing, we need to order the engraving of an entire slab;   

           Example;  a slab would hold (36) Thirty –Six -8’x16” pavers.

    We need to sell 36 _  8×16 pavers (or as 2 and 3 above requires) before any engraving can be done;  there could be a 60 to 90 day waiting period. Be certain the person’s purchasing one are aware of this.

Thank you for your continued support”